Corldess blinds inside double glazing

integral blinds in prestige development

This past month has seen an approach to us by one of the largest companies in the world that is a household name on every continent to produce an interstitial blinds solution for very prestigious world class construction they are involved in somewhere in.. well we best not say where as this still has to be kept very hush hush.

Should we be successful in securing this order which is of a truly monumental scale, it will undoubtedly be the single largest integral blinds order ever written anywhere and will probably hold that accolade for quite some time.

We have always known that our interstitial blinds product offering is world beating for many reasons, in particular the fact that it is totally cordless, extremely robust and very slimline whilst also attractive to look at. Add to this it’s totally “Snagless” design, its smooth and effortless operation and functionality then we can see why our system was hand-picked for consideration for the interstitial blinds solution in this illustrious project.

That world beating companies are showing interest in our interstitial blinds offering for world class projects is not only a great vote of confidence for our great Interstitial Blinds but also for Great British manufacturing which at the end of the day is hard to beat for quality, delivery and value.

CORDLESS INTEGRATED SEALED UNIT BLINDS (Integral Blinds \ Interstitial Blinds inside double glazing)

INTEGRATED BLINDS  | INTEGRAL BLINDS | INTERSTITIAL BLINDS by the brand leader in integral sealed unit blinds

Integrated Blinds also known as Integral Blinds or interstitial Blinds are venetian blinds inside double glazed sealed units. Literally sealed in place between the glass.

Solar Control & U Values

The use of these blinds improves solar control by reducing thermal gain and heat loss through the glass.


Our sealed unit blinds are manufactured to BS EN 1279-2 and complaint with BS EN 1279-3.

The horizontal integrated blinds slats which are cordlessy tilted as well as also raised & lowered are manufactured from rigid aluminium and powder coat painted in a choice of over a dozen colours as standard and scores of colours more on extended orders. See this image in Hi Res

HD Video demonstrating our Integrated Blinds

See our HD Video demonstrating our Integrated Blinds

What makes our Integrated blinds so good?

integrated sealed unit blindsPrimarily, it is the quality materials and robust mechanism that has been rigorously tested and put through the most demanding and stringent of paces.

Using aluminium slats and a steel mechanism means that our integrated blinds ( integral blinds - interstitial blinds ) are durable to wear and tear strong enough to remain rigid whilst enjoying the accolade of being the slimmest and most visually pleasing integrated blind system on the world market today. See this photo of our blinds in Hi Res

Cordless, Child safe and fire safe Integrated Blinds

Because our premiere integral blinds system operates by use of very cleverly designed magnets we can offer you a blinds system for your windows that are not only child safe but also much more aesthetically pleasing to look at without all those old cords hanging down from each and every sash.

Sounds much nicer, we are sure you will agree.

Manufactured inside double glazed sealed units.

pilkington activ See this photo in Hi Res

Our integral blinds are made using toughened safety glass as standard but are also available in a choice of double glazed sealed unit formats.

  • Laminated Glass
  • Pyrobel Fire Rated Glass
  • FD30, FD30-30, FD60 FD60-60 fire rated and various acoustic glass up to and over 50db (Rw).
  • Pilkington k glass or Saint Gobain Planitherm